Monmouth Networking Exchange provides networking training and education designed to meet the needs of our members and member businesses. If you are just starting out new to your industry or position, Monmouth Networking Exchange can help you grow personally and professionally.

education and networking training at Monmouth Networking Exchange

Speaking – Each week a new member is featured and speaks about various topics which inform, educate and inspire the group. Discovering something new about an individual and the business they represent can be meaningful and rewarding.

The information is meant to help you understand the member professionally and the depth of services they provide. These mini-seminars are designed to be quick, focused, and always finish with a question and answer period.

Lead Generation – Public speaking is always a challenge for people. We offer the opportunity to fine tune your elevator speech each week and condense it down to a 60 second commercial spot. As we go around the zoom room, each member talks about who they are, what they do, and what would be a good, useful, or valuable “lead” for them.

One-On-One – We encourage our members to sit one on one with each other. During these working sessions, you learn more about other members and their businesses. These valuable sessions are the heart and soul of the Monmouth Networking Group.  This one on one time encourages each member to show off some of their professional skills, share success stories and exchange leads.

Events – We have quarterly events that replace our weekly meeting. Usually at night and in a more casual atmosphere, these events allow us to “socialize and network in person” and really get to know each other on a more personal level.

These events are also exciting because all members are encouraged to be a guest at the event.

Why Monmouth Networking Exchange? – Monmouth Networking Exchange is different from a BNI or LeTip. We encourage and respect each other and work toward a mutual goal of sharing new business leads and helping our community at large. We do not pressure our members for leads as we know this cannot be forced and will come naturally over time.

LEADERSHIP – Become a leader in your field by joining Monmouth Networking Exchange. The challenge is worth it!