8 Reasons to Join a Networking Group

What is the Top 8 Reasons to Join a Networking Group?

There are hundreds of reasons to join a networking group or organization. There are many different types of networking Groups – some good and some not so good.
If your business has had to make a pivot during the recent pandemic, you also understand the importance of getting in front of a networking group that has consistent meetings to help the members stay connected.

Monmouth Networking Exchange is not a BNI or Le-Tip. However, we do conduct ourselves in a similar fashion. One main difference is, we are more user friendly, and more cost effective in growing your network.

Here are 8 great reasons you should join Monmouth Networking Exchange:
  1. Expanding your knowledge – Most professional organizations have a diverse membership which includes the opportunity to meet and hear about other business, trends, and talk to other salespeople or business owners about what is trending. Make new connections and increase your sphere of influence keeps you better focused on your business and outcomes.
  2. Taking charge of your career path – With so many professionals in one place at one time, you will be expanding your knowledge and guiding your career down a path toward success. It is an opportunity to connect with professionals, meet new people and increase your network.
  3. Enhancing your Network – Everyone would like more business. Making connections and networking is critical to success. Although on-line methods to connect and network has come a long way, you cannot substitute weekly face to face interactions to increase your networking base.
  4. Be a leader – Mot networking groups have committees and opportunities to take the leadership role. Joining a networking group allows you to take charge, join a subcommittee or lead in ways you might not have existed previously. You can also hone your skills of networking in group settings.
  5. Mentoring – This can be a most rewarding part of joining any group. Giving back allows you to have friendships and find other people with similar backgrounds and interests. If you are experienced in business, you may enjoy mentoring one of the fellow members.
  6. Make New Friends – Sometimes what starts as a business relationship builds into a long lasting friendship. Joining a professional networking group is a great way to forge new business and personal relationships.
  7. Community – There is a certain pride in giving back to the community. Many networking groups have members that spearhead community efforts for the homeless or other local charities. Monmouth Networking Group has helped local charities, first responders, food drives and donations to local non-profits.
  8. Staying Inspired – Staying motivated can sometimes be a challenge. Being part of a strong networking group can mean the difference in any company that joins one. You can often be inspired by people in your group who might help you along in your journey of success.

“Ask not what your networking group can do for you, ask what you can do for your networking group.”


If you are interested in joining the Monmouth Networking Exchange or would like more information about networking groups in Monmouth County, please call 732.444.8901.

Interested in Joining? Monmouth Networking Exchange is a successful networking group In Monmouth County, NJ.

Our group meets virtually on zoom and has in-person events.

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