Growing Your Business During the Pandemic Can Be Challenging – Join a Networking Group With More Fun, Less Rules

Interested in Joining a Networking Group?

But, where to start? How do you find an affordable networking group that is established, meets virtually as well as in-person and can also act as a resource to growing your business?

Monmouth Networking Exchange – How We Started

Monmouth Networking Exchange started 6 years ago, essentially by accident. A few of the founding members were invited to join a BNI group – it did not go well to say the least. We were put off by the rules of BNI and decided to start our own networking group, based on the principle of more fun and less rules. Monmouth Networking Exchange was born!

What Make Monmouth Networking Exchange Different?

Everything! Our core group fluctuates around 20 members. We only allow one of each business type into the group, for instance: we currently have one payroll company, one website design company, one insurance broker, one financial planner, and so on. We also might have multiple legal professionals, but in this case one might specialize in real estate and another may specialize in probates.

How are the networking meetings run?

If you are looking to join a networking group in Monmouth County, NJ, we invite you to visit us on Wednesday and check us out!We start with 5-10 minutes of banter and networking, then we move onto our 1-minute introductions, so everyone gets to speak to the group. We also have a highlight speaker each meeting who gets to explain to the other members about who they are, their background, what they do and how best they can be referred.

Is the networking in person or do you meet virtually?

Both, we usually do in-person meetings in nicer weather. The meetings are usually at one of the local Monmouth County Parks, which has cover for rain, picnic benches for seating, with fresh air and plenty of space for social distancing.

How does the networking group support our local community?

Monmouth Networking Exchange has been active in donating money to buy meals for the homeless, providing meals for healthcare heroes during the height of the pandemic lockdown, and supports A Need We Feed.

Do you have special events included in the membership fee?

Yes, Monmouth Networking Exchange also does quarterly events which are paid for with the dues. These events have included dinners at local restaurants, hatchet throwing, concerts, mini golf and more! Our main goal is to have fun, meet new people, get to know one another on a personal level, make referrals and build business relationships.

If you are looking to increase sales and gain access to resources – Monmouth Networking Exchange may be a perfect fit.

To see other members who are in the group, please click here!

If you are interested in joining please call 848.863.8254.

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